Contributed Software

Here are various configurations, scripts and utilities useful for enhancing your Cricket installation. Please contact individual authors for assistance, or ask on the mailing list and someone there might be able to help you. Also, send a message to the list if you have something you'd like to contribute.

This repository was hosted by Certainty Solutions and generously maintained by Emmett Hogan for a long time prior to arriving in its current location. Our sincere gratitude goes to them for their contributions to the Cricket community.

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Device Support

This section offers configuration samples or generators for monitoring network devices and other complex special-purpose devices like NAS appliances.

File Name Description Author Size Date Submitted
genRtrConfig Config subtree generator for a wide range of routers, switches and firewalls François Mikus
Original by: Mike Fisher
16K 7/24/2003
mge-ups-cricket-1.0.tar.gz Config tree for MGE UPS devices Cliff Albert 1K 2/13/2003
genCatConfig-1.4.1.tar.gz Config subtree generator for Catalyst switches Mike Fisher 14K 4/18/2002
aironet1.tar monitors Aironet and Cisco wireless access points Matthew Stier 7K 4/18/2002
ascend1.tar monitors Ascend Remote Access Servers Matthew Stier 7K 4/18/2002
filer1.tar monitors Network Appliance filers (enhanced to support all major Ontap releases) Matthew Stier 15K 4/18/2002 More help for monitoring NetApp Boxen. Jose Antonio San Juan Samprón 4K 2/26/2002
listInterfaces+.tar.gz listInterfaces+ is an enhanced Cricket configuration generator Clifton Royston 4K 12/01/2000
cacheflow.tar.gz This is a config tree to watch all Cacheflow proxies and other appliances.
It's based on the proxy-mib.
Jean-Jacques Martres 3K 11/20/2000
netapp.tar Get Network Appliance filer OID's to behave under Cricket Matthew Stier 13K 8/15/2000
foundry-switches.tar.gz This is a config tree to monitor all Foundry products. It's based on the Foundry MIBs. Jean-Jacques Martres 2.3K 8/8/2000
serveriron.tar.gz This a config tree to monitor Foundry L4 Operation (ServerIron and BigServerIron). It's based on the Foundry MIBs Jean-Jacques Martres 5.5K 8/8/2000
listports-0.1.tar.gz Aids in the creation of switch-port target files for many switches. Includes VLAN and aggregate traffic information on Cisco Catalyst 550x switches. Jon Snyder 5K 4/20/2000
3subtrees.tar.gz 3 subtree configs for monitoring CPU, Disk, RAM and FoundryNet ServerIrons Mark Krenz 3.4K 1/8/2000
switches.tgz Using Cricket to monitor Cisco Switches Todd A Green 10K 12/8/1999
fr-config.tar.gz Frame Relay config tree changes and a new listinterfaces script for handling frames. Tim Kennedy 5.5K 12/6/1999

Server Software Support

These are configuration samples and generators for monitoring general-purpose servers or server software.

File Name Description Author Size Date Submitted
flexlm-generator.tar.gz parses your license file and generates the proper Defaults file for use with Matthew Stier's flexlm perl script. It will handle multiple vendor daemons and features.
Dan Harris 4.1K 9/22/2003
graph-djbdns.tar.gz Statistics from djbdns (Dan Bernstein's dns server)
Brendon Colby 2.2K 7/17/2003
graph-qmail.tar.gz Statistics from the qmail MTA
Brendon Colby 2.8K 7/17/2003
mysql-stats-0.2.tar.gz Monitor data from MySQL.
Mike Lerley 3K 7/7/2003
snmp4w2k.tar.gz Monitor Win2K
Requires: SNMP4W2K
Russell Adams 12K 6/25/2003
ldap1.tar Monitor a Netscape LDAP Server Lufan Chen 20K 6/6/2002
sar-0.1.tgz Monitor system activity via the system activity reporter (SAR). Brook Schofield 5K 5/28/2002
system-status.tar.gz monitor the CPU temp and fan speeds on linux servers which have lm_sensors installed Rich West 20K 4/29/2002
oracle Defaults file and script to generate cricket trees to monitor Oracle Michael Han - 4/25/2002
weblogic Sample configurations for monitoring BEA Weblogic Server 6.1 and above Michael Han - 4/25/2002
flexlm1.tar monitors FlexLM license servers Matthew Stier 6K 4/18/2002
flexlm.tar.gz Config tree generator and polling scripts for flexlm based licenses and servers. Gulfie (Tom Rutledge) 6K 6/28/2001
http1.tar The standard Cricket http config, with a twist to support proxy servers) Matthew Stier 7K 4/18/2002
ntp1.tar monitors Network Time Protocol servers Matthew Stier 6K 4/18/2002
sun1.tar monitors disk space, temperature, and performance of Sun Microsystem servers Matthew Stier 22K 4/18/2002
cricket-latency Measure latency using ping and a shell script Pete de Zwart 2K 2/4/2002
cricket-linux-boxen Monitor your Linux boxen via SNMP Pete de Zwart 5K 2/4/2002
sendmail-stats-1.0.tar.gz A Module for monitoring SENDMAIL statistics! Daniel V. Klein 3K 10/30/2001
apache-stats-1.0.tar.gz Apache Stats is a package to pull some useful information from the mod_status Apache module. Update by: Daniel V. Klein
Original by: Andrew Williams
5K 10/30/2001
server-uptime-SNMP.tar.gz Monitor Server uptime via SNMP rather than ruptime! Rich West 1K 6/25/2001
disk-space.tar.gz Monitor Server disk space via SNMP. Rich West 1K 6/25/2001
cricket-dynamo Defaults file for monitoring the ATG Dynamo application server. Michael Han 1K 1/28/2001
server-uptime.tar.gz UNIX server CPU monitoring via ruptime command! Clifton Royston 2K 12/01/2000
dnsmon.tar.gz Monitor the load on Bind 8 DNS servers using the UCD snmpd. Patrick Schoo 20K 11/29/2000
suntemp.tar Config tree and supporting scripts to query temperature data from Sun Ultra Enterprise Servers (Model 4000 - 6500) Matthew Stier 12K 8/15/2000
unix_host_resources With this Defaults file and this script you can monitor disk utilization, # of users, and # of processes on a unix machine running snmpd. James Moore 1.5K 1/11/2000
novell_netware_resources With this Defaults file and this script you can monitor cpu, connections, caches, buffers, and disk utilization on a netware server. James Moore 5K 1/11/2000
netsaintcricket.tar Configs and Utils for graphing Netstaint information with Cricket Nathan Alan Haneysmith 40K 12/20/1999
cricket-linux-box.tar.gz Sample config tree for a linux box Stefan Gruber 11K 12/9/1999


Here are scripts, utilities and extensions for improving your Cricket framework.

File Name Description Author Size Date Submitted
metagen.tar.gz Framework for executing autogeneration tools like genRtrConfig periodically, in parallel, and compiling off-line Mike Fisher 7K 9/19/2003
topscripts.tar.gz Perl scripts to report Top talker/listener ports and top error ports for multiple Cisco Switches Henry Tindall 13K 7/21/2003
cricket-95 95th percentile graphing Russell Heilling - 7/17/2003
(see "Attached Files" section at bottom of page) Access control lists for Cricket pages Ed Ravin - 5/23/2003
Traffic for Cricket Traffic is a pair of scripts that will allow you to graph month, week, or year-to-date bandwidth usage for things like DSL and T1 customers, so you can bill them according to their use Dave Kelly - 9/12/2003
killspike2 Remove (presumably erroneous) peaks from RRD files Matt Zimmerman 1K 6/6/2002
rrdcut Perl script which quickly removes spikes from Cricket graphs Ed Ravin 3K 6/4/2002
A few sample config trees plus scripts in use %40 Sun
An SNMP library needed for the above config trees.
Alan Nichols 6K
project-0-3.tar.gz Polynomial Least Squares forward time projections! Ross Biro 12K 8/3/2001
rgb.txt2colors.tar.gz An rgb.txt too cricket config file traslator. Should not every one be able to share in the joy of the darkorchid3 graphs? Gulfie (Tom Rutledge) 1K 6/28/2001
cricket_client.tar.gz Cricket extension that adds client/server abilities for use in gathering target data. Christopher Richmond 16K 12/14/2000
chirp-0.5.tar.gz CHIRP is a modular system for writing "drivers" for generating configuration files for Cricket!!! Tom Honermann
Scott Feldmann
30K 5/15/2000
add_ds.tgz A script to add a DS to an existing RRD!! Selena 3.1K 1/13/2000
test-url-proxied.tar.gz A modified version of test-url which is "proxie aware" Kevin A. Kadow 2K 8/31/1999 This patch enable build "computed graphs" so you can build new "data-source". Kamil Vojtisek 30K 7/15/1999