Cricket Support

If you are having a problem with Cricket you can get help from these places:

Mailing Lists

There are four mailing lists related to Cricket:

You can subscribe to a list by clicking on one of the links above and following the instructions. Please note, your mailling list password will be sent to you on a regular basis, so choose a simple throwaway one.

The users list is for open discussion of Cricket, how to use it, and how to extend it. The announce list is a low-traffic, moderated list that lets maintainers announce new versions of Cricket and other packages related to Cricket. The developers and commits lists are for messages about hacking the next version of Cricket. Only the hardcore geeks need to subscribe to those lists.


Use any IRC client of your choice. Connect to this server: Choose a nick and register it by typing: /msg NickServ HELP. This will show you the options and help you register your nickname. Then join the channel: /join #cricket


There are archives from April 1999 to late January 2000 here, or in a compressed archive, here.

After January, 2000, the Cricket mailing lists moved to Sourceforge, and are available on GeoCrawler:

Contributed Stuff

There is a collection of contributed stuff (scripts, patches, example configuration trees) here.

Talk Slides

If you have attended one of Jeff Allen's talks on Cricket, and want to find the slides, check this directory.

Developing New Versions

If you are really stumped by something, it just may be a bug. :)

In that case, your best bet is to visit the Cricket Developers Pages and learn how to be a developer, to fix your own bug, and help other Cricket users out by giving them new features you are interested in adding. Or you can also file a bug report and hopefully someone will be able to help you out.