Guidelines For Submitting Reports

When you report a bug in Cricket, post a patch to Cricket to the Patch Manager, or file a Feature Request, please follow these guidelines to streamline the process.

Be reachable

Often, when a change is made in Cricket, we need feedback from the person who requested that change. If that person didn't leave an address, we lose. So, in order of preference, please:

Anonymous reports that do not start with a valid e-mail address will get closed without further comment. Otherwise, we just spend too much time tracking down people.

Check the mailing lists first

Before you file your report on Sourceforge, please ascertain that your issue is new. Even if the Google can't find the answer and searching the mailing list archives draws a blank, it's quick and easy to ask in the cricket-users mailing list. The Sourceforge bug, patch and feature request reports are used by the developers mostly to track progress and to make sure good ideas don't fall by the wayside.

When in doubt, ask on cricket-users

When you are not sure if you should ask on cricket-users or file a report here, just post to cricket-users. We'll be quick to tell you if we need a report on Sourceforge. Most developers check their e-mail frequently, so at least one is likely to answer.