[cricket-users] Re: Removing data points from .rrd files.

From: Todd A. Green (tagreen@awardsforfjords.com)
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 06:52:27 PST

From: "Todd A. Green" <tagreen@awardsforfjords.com>

Darn it!

Feel free to Flame me for not actually reading the RRD instructions first
before asking my question.

"Todd A. Green" wrote:

> It may sound like a strange request, but I need to be able to remove two
> datapoints from my rrd files.
> I have changed the datasource for interfaces I already have data for to
> remove two of the 6 datapoints. Problem is since they still exist in
> the rrd file I cannot pull any new statistics with collector since it is
> expecting 6 data points and I'm telling it to pull 4.
> Any suggestions.

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